LOOK: Nancy Binay attire gets memes during SONA 2014, now viral

Manila, Philippines - Senator Nancy Binay's outfit which looks like a 'hot-air ballon' according to some netizens got various memes and eventually became viral online.

Nancy Binay attire gets memes during SONA 2014, now viral

Before going to the House of Representatives for the fifth SONA of Aquino, Binay was in the Senate wearing a gown which was a cross between a Filipiniana and the Korean Hanbok.

Later in the afternoon, Binay has changed her outfit. The 'supposed bashing' according to her had nothing to do with her decision to wear a different gown.

At the red carpet at Batasan Pambansa, she denied that the change in outfit was due to comments on her first dress on social media.

Here are some of the photos which circulate online with the darling of the crowd Senator Nancy Binay (memes taken from various sources on Twitter):

Nancy Binay meme1

Nancy Binay meme 2

Nancy Binay meme 3

Nancy Binay meme 4

Nancy Binay meme 5

Nancy Binay meme 5 SONA 2014

Nancy Binay meme SONA 2014

Though it's free to express thoughts on certain political issues and personalities. Source of memes are advised to check Republic Act No. 10175 known as Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 and Article 355 of the Revised Penal Code known as Libel.

Nancy Binay outfit new SONA 2014

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