Video: Does good grooming plays a role on landing a job?

Manila, Philippines - A viral video has sparked online conversations if good grooming plays a vital role on landing a job. The social experiment of a men's skin care product asks netizens to share their opinion whether good looks make a difference.

Does good grooming plays a role on landing a job? Vaseline Men

In the experiment, an actor played the role of two job applicants, applying twice for the same job with the same qualifications and credentials, but with a different appearance each time—one was well-groomed, polished and confident while the other was not. Three unsuspecting managers interviewed him in a room with four hidden cameras, capturing everyone’s natural reaction. After deliberating, the recruitment managers unanimously chose the more groomed and confident candidate over the other.

Given the fact that both roles were played by the same person and had similar credentials, how big of a factor is good and proper grooming in helping you land that job?

The initial results of the facilitator of the social experiment revealed that 45% agreed that good grooming is important in the workplace while 55% disagreed on good grooming playing a role on landing a job.

The conclusion of the social experiment reiterates the findings of a study, “Searching for a Job is a Beauty Contest,” conducted by Italian researchers from the University of Messina in 2013 that physical appearance plays a crucial part in the hiring process. They sent out resumes for job vacancies, with some bearing attractive headshots, while the others don’t. The results of the study, which were featured in the New York Daily News and Business Insider revealed that handsome men had a 54% callback rate compared to 7% of the less attractive ones.

What gets you hired? When everything else is the same, what's your edge during your job interview?

Do you agree or disagree? Share your opinion below.

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