PBB All In: Maris on her friendship with Loisa: ‘Bad friend po ako’

Manila, Philippines - Netizens were abuzzed on the latest happenings inside the Pinoy Big Brother House.  On Thursday episode of the hit reality show of ABS-CBN, trending topics about friendship dominated social conversations as '#MarisZoned' and 'Na-MarisZoned' were coined by netizens referring to PBB All In housemates Maris and Loisa's affected friendship.

Maris and Loisa PBB all in friendship

'PBB All In' remaining housemates are now on their 4th weekly task called 'Pabigat nang Pabigat". Big Brother thought of this weekly task since he was concerned with the housemates' health.

On Day 24, Big Brother implemented major changes to the weekly task. Due to Loisa and Nichole losing less weight among the eight housemates who gained weight, both of them will carry the outcome of the entire weekly task. Other housemates, on the other hand, will have to choose between the two girls who will they support and help. In the event that the housemate they chose will lose less weight, them and their chosen housemate will only be the individuals who will possibly be nominated next week.

Here's the story on their 'Pabigat nang Pabigat' task and how they handled their decisions:

Four housemates are already on Team Nichole and while there are none on Team Loisa. Fourth finally chooses Loisa much to her relief. After that, the housemates who decided to be on her team included Joshua, Axel, Aina, Jayme, Ranty and Alex.

Joshua’s faith in Loisa was touching. “Kailangan ko po magtiwala sa pambato ko. Alam ko po kaya niya yun. Ewan ko po, tiwala lang po ang kailangan.” Aina also said, “I’m sure magagawa niya po yung task.” Axel, for his part, chose Loisa because, “ite-train ko si Loisa. Task ko na rin sa sarili, kung di siya manalo at least natulungan ko siya na ma-lose ang weight.” Ranty, however, chose Loisa because “kaibigan ko siya manalo o matalo.”

Some housemates like Daniel, Michelle, and Jane went to Nichole’s team. Michelle chose to be with Team Nichole because she is “closer to Nichole.” When both teams had seven people already, Maris was the only one left to make her choice.

Everyone was shocked when Maris, who is close to Loisa, chose to be on Nichole’s side. Loisa later cried to Kuya and told him how hurt she was because of what Maris did. Maris explained herself to Kuya. “hindi palakain si Nichole, and konting exercise lang naglo-lose na.”

Maris tried to get Loisa to understand her. Initially, Loisa was cold to her, but then Loisa realized that Maris didn’t choose her because Maris knows the feeling of being nominated and didn’t want that to happen again. Later, Maris confessed to Kuya her guilt. Maris told Kuya she’s “a bad friend” to Loisa.

The teams lost no chance in mapping out their strategies. Team Nichole’s strategy was to do everything Nichole was doing, including eating what she eats. Team Loisa, meanwhile, agreed that they are going to have fun and won’t pressure Loisa.

Team Nichole also decided to get three days worth of food from the kitchen. Team Loisa voiced out their disagreement with this. Aina said she didn’t want the feeling of division between the teams. Later on though, Fourth said it’s okay and maybe “nabigla lang tayo.”

After the first day, Kuya gathered the housemates. He gave them the chance to change teams before Loisa and Nichole were weighed. Maris cried when Kuya called her name. Will she choose to be on Loisa’s team this time? Did Loisa lose any weight this time? Who will win in the initial weigh-in?

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