'PBB All In' releases Audition Photos of 18 Housemates

Manila, Philippines - ABS-CBN on Tuesday morning answers allegations that the newest housemates of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) All In did not audition and have passed through the special process contrary to the experience of over 44,000 other auditionees.

PBB All In' releases Audition Photos of 18 Housemates

The official Twitter account of PBB (@PBBABSCBN) posted the audition photo of the list of housemates during the callback auditions on different screening venues. (Please check back or refresh page for the updates):

1. Maris' Audition Form from Davao

2. Jayme's Audition form from Araneta

3. Chevin's Audition form from Araneta

4. Jacob's Audition form from Araneta

5. Chinito Manolo's Audition form from PBB Hall

6. Joshua's Audition forms from Marikina

7. Forth's audition forms from PDA/PBB Hall

8. Fifth's call back audition forms

9. Axel's Audition Form from PBB/PDA Hall

10. Loisa's Audition form from PDA/PBB Hall

11. Nichole's Audition form from PBB Hall

The opening of 'PBB All In' became controversial as netizens say that the show is scripted and no longer a reality program. The hashtag "#PBBScripted" zoomed to the no. 1 position on Twitter Philippines and in Worldwide trending list few hours before the show's live kick off.

PBB marks history of having perfect ten (10) trending topics on Sunday evening on Twitter Philippines and with "#PBBScripted" landed on top spot wordwide.

Netizens questioned the use of auditions if all the chosen housemates are famous and rich. Some expressed they don't believe in reality shows as they allegedly concern only to the people who are famous or have a handler.

PBB Host Toni Gonzaga on 'Buzz ng Bayan' clarified that PBB is not scripted and the emotions of housemates are real. According to her, 'PBB All In' will showcase interactions between adults, teens and celebrities.

Former PBB housemate Slater Young defended the program by posting a reaction on his Twitter account: PBB is never scripted. :) RT @MukitoNorth: #PBBScripted what can u say ‘bout this trending topic @thatguySLATER?

Meanwhile, one of the comments on PEP says: "With regards to what is happening inside the house, is it still scripted? It's a 50/50 answer. Yes, in a way because the creative team, producers, director manipulates every controllable variable inside the house. They create rules, tasks, control housemates' supplies, even create imaginary scenarios. Housemates reactions however are all genuine. Syempre, maco-control ni ABS kung anong pwedeng ipalabas sa TV, pero every single action from the housemates are genuinely theirs and are only affected by their own feelings and intentions."

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