Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2: Live Round-by-Round Results, Updates

Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley 2 for the WBO Welterweight Championship live action happening right now. Here's the live round-by-round action, as it happens, from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Update: Manny Pacquiao reclaims WBO welterweight title against Timothy Bradley (video)

Pacquiao vs Bradley 2 fight april 13, 2014

Can Pacquiao get revenge after the defeat 2 years ago? Or will Bradley prove the first fight was no fluke?

Loud chants of "Manny!" as the Filipino pride enters the boxing ring.

Top Rank: Manny Pacquiao garbed in a robe with the colors of the Philippines flag, is making his way to the ring.

American Idol Runner-Up Jessica Sanchez sang the "Lupang Hinirang," while Ashanti sang the "Star-spangled Banner."

Here's the Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2: Live Round-by-Round Results, Updates from Top Rank:

Round 1 Update:

Round 2 Highlights:

Pacquiao starts to turn it on, crowd goes nuts, Bradley returns fire. Great action! Bradley ended the round by trying to make Pacquiao miss, then charging ahead & firing. PacMan was very active throughout.

Round 3 Highlights:

Pacquiao is showing hand speed and foot speed as he takes it to Bradley, who's powering forward.

Round 4 Highlights:

Bradley having success with the body work. He's been very aggressive. And he stumbles PacMan with a right!

BoxingRich: Terrific scrap. I have Bradley 39-37 through 4

Total punches through four rounds: Pacquiao - 59 of 195 | Bradley - 47 of 211

Round 5 Highlights:

"Now Timothy Bradley is slowing down a little bit. Now Manny Pacquiao can get back into his normal rhythm." - @RealRoyJonesJr

Round 6 Highlights:

"Bradley looks like he's trying to become a self-made great fighter. Like he's trying to will himself to greatness." - @Max_Kellerman

Round 7 Highlights:

Round 8 Highlights:

Unofficial ringside judge @shotfighter26 has it 77-75 in favor of Pacquiao through eight rounds. #PacBradley 2

Round 9:

"Bradley keeps looking to hit home runs. Pacquiao is content to hit doubles." - Jim Lampley
"Bradley's corner panicking. Pacquiao's got this.", Piers Morgan.

Round 10:

Total punches through 10 rounds: Pacquiao - 162 of 481 | Bradley - 119 of 515.

Unofficial ringside judge @shotfighter26 has it 97-93 in favor of Pacquiao through 10 rounds.

Steve Kim: "Pac seems to have figured Bradley and started to really hone in with his left hand in the 10th."

Round 11:

Total punches through 11 rounds: Pacquiao - 175 of 512 | Bradley - 130 of 557. Heading into the final round unofficial ringside judge @shotfighter26 has it 106-103 in favor of Pacquiao. How do you have it?

Round 12:

Action stopped because of a head-butt. They go back at, with Pacquiao now bleeding... And that's it. Both fighters finish on their feet!

Manny Pacquiao wins against Bradley for the WBO Welterweight Championship.

Read: Manny Pacquiao reclaims WBO welterweight title against Timothy Bradley (video)

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