Netizens react on 'PBB All In' Housemates; #PBBScripted trends on Twitter

Manila, Philippines - Netizens on Sunday afternoon react on Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) All In live kick off as 2 of the 18 housemates were named on ABS-CBN's musical variety program ASAP 19.

PBB All In complete set of Housemates 2014

The 'Jock-Next-Door ng Taguig' Axel Torres was the first PBB All In housemate that was revealed. Axel is the eldest of seven siblings. He and his brothers are both athletic scholars.

The name of Jane Oineza dubbed as "Rising Celebriteen ng Quezon City " was announced next. Some netizens were shocked and don't believe that the young star just entered the Big Brother House. Jane is a teen actress whose television career started when she was just a toddler.

'Axel Torres' and 'Si Jane' instantly became trending topic on Twitter Philippines and Worldwide.

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Spoilers continue to circulate online for the list of possible housemates. The hashtag "#PBBScripted" zooms to the no. 1 position on Twitter Philippines and in Worldwide trending list. Earlier, hashtags "#PBBFamousEdition", "#PBBAbaMatindeEdition" and #DefineAudition add to the top trending topics.

A netizen questioned the use of auditions if all the housemates are famous and rich. Some expressed they don't believe in reality shows as they allegedly concern only to the people who are famous or have a handler.

Here are some of the comments of netizens about PBB ALL IN (#PBBScripted) hashtag:

rudolf quimson ‏@rudolfrafael: "Daming rants about #PBBScripted! Oh c'mon! I know you'll end up watching PBB!"

Yves Peter Carlo ‏@Yves_AKMAUP: "Making everyone fool. Making money. Playing with the dreams of many. Wasting the time of those who aspire to be a housemate #PBBSCRIPTED"

Kassie Dee ‏@FabulousKD11: "Stop complaining because you'll just end up watching PBB."

LouiseNicole ‏@NikkieMinaaaj: "They should have given everyone a chance to prove that they are MORE qualified being a housemate than the famous ones. "

Achilles David ‏@loveachilles: "I deserve an explanation, I deserve an acceptable reason!"

@itsmecharlesG: "I really don't know what's happening on PBB. I want the old version back."

John Louie Rezabal ‏@BAMthematics: "Dear PBB, I think you really have to do some changes in the system. "

Some netizens also encouraged others to be positive for the outcome of PBB All In and wait as it will give us a good show.

Host Toni Gonzaga on 'Buzz ng Bayan' clarified that PBB is not scripted and the emotions of housemates are real. According to her, 'PBB All In' will showcase interactions between adults, teens and celebrities.

Meanwhile, one of the comments on PEP says: "With regards to what is happening inside the house, is it still scripted? It's a 50/50 answer. Yes, in a way because the creative team, producers, director manipulates every controllable variable inside the house. They create rules, tasks, control housemates' supplies, even create imaginary scenarios. Housemates reactions however are all genuine. Syempre, maco-control ni ABS kung anong pwedeng ipalabas sa TV, pero every single action from the housemates are genuinely theirs and are only affected by their own feelings and intentions."

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