Globe clarifies Elmer de Guzman's P3.2M postpaid bill issue

Manila, Philippines - Globe Telecom released statement to clarify the issue of Elmer de Guzman, postpaid subscriber regarding P 3.2 Million bills after a long vacation in UAE. Screen shots of de Guzman's postpaid bill now circulating online as majority of netizens react why Globe has such issue.

Globe issue postpaid bill 3.2 Million peso

In a statement of Globe, it says: "We acknowledge that Mr. De Guzman did enroll in the Bridge DataRoamUnlimited promo last November 10, 2013. By enrolling in the promo, the subscriber would not have to pay the regular rate of P2.51 per 10 kilobyte of data. Based on our record, the subscriber data usage was at 11,139,210KB which would amount to more than P3million inclusive of surcharges and VAT."

On the other hand, Globe Telecom verified that there is a system error as the correct zero rate for promos on the data usage did not apply and caused the bill shock.

On their preventive checking, the network says it is now investigating if there are similar instances in areas other than the UAE where the BDU Roaming promo is being offered.

The irregular postpaid billing gone viral thru Facebook wall post of de Guzman last December 8.

"After a long trip abroad, being home is the best feeling. But it was ruined after I received this message. How would you react if you receive a phone bill like this??? ", de Guzman posted angrily on his Facebook account.

As of writing, it has now more than 2,800 shares on the social media network.

Globe says that it has already reversed the charges to reflect the correct amount in de Guzman's billing statement.

de Guzman on his post statement says: "Hi Everyone. Regarding this "viral" P3 Million Globe mobile bill. I would like to thank you all for your comments and concerns regarding this matter. I am overwhelmed with the response this wall post of mine have gotten. Although it was not... my intention to make this a "viral" issue, what it is now had helped my concern get proper attention. While I appreciate the continuous support from the netizens, I have decided to take down the post. Globe has already released their official statement explaining what had happened to my bill, I have also received their certification that the issue will be rectified. Hence, I will not post further comments on this. Again, thank you very much."


Globe Telecom, just like Smart already have the anti-bill shock scheme for postpaid and promos as they modernized their network last year. The rapid IT modernization on their systems specifically the 'Intelligent Network" or IN should detect erroneous data before creation of subscriber's statement of account (SOA). They should incorporate automatic checking of billing accounts on their 'Globe Genius' program before sending out SOA to users. The P3.2 Million bill if passed on assurance checking can be corrected at the first level.

Do you have the same experience or have been shocked by over charges billed by your network provider? Express your thoughts and share the actions you have done to correct the issue.

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