Watch Pnoy's SONA 2013 Tagalog speech full replay | Video

Did you miss SONA 2013 happened on Monday, July 22? Watch here full replay of President Benigno "Pnoy" Aquino III's SONA 2013 speech. Video courtesy of via Youtube.

For consecutive years, Aquino uses Filipino language (Tagalog) for the delivery of SONA. At exactly 4:03 in the afternoon (PST), Pnoy started his 4th SONA in front of Philippine Senate and House of Representatives. It was ended at 5:46 pm, close to 2-hour State of the Nation Address.

Full Text: President Aquino 'Pnoy' SONA 2013 full transcript, speech (Tagalog, English)

According to DZMM, Aquino got applauded 90 times, coughed 8 times, and stammered 35 times during his speech.

ABS-CBN reports that Aquino's first SONA in 2010 ran for close to 40 minutes, his second ran for 53 minutes, and his third ran for around one hour and 30 minutes.

SONA 2013 was the longest but less applauded in his term. His 11,642-SONA was a still lower than the one Ferdinand Marcos delivered in 1969, the longest so far in history at 30,427 words.

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