Opinion: Vice Ganda is just telling the truth about Nancy Binay

Since the start of the election campaign period, Nancy Binay is social media favorite for different criticisms on her senatorial candidacy. A week before the election on May 13, 2013, Comedian Vice Ganda expressed his opinion about politicians who run for public office without track record. Vice particularly pinpoint Binay.

Vice Ganda criticizes Nancy Binay telling the truth
Vice Ganda during a press conference for his concert was asked if he has a plan to pursue career in the public office.

"Gusto ko president ako agad. Yung wala kang background, pero mataas agad, parang 'yung mga pulitiko lang ngayon. Walang background, pero senador agad."

Asked if he is referring to any senatorial bets in particular,Vice Ganda said "Sila Nancy Binay, sino pa ba?"

The statement of the 37-year old comedian buzzed online and on national television on the same day. As expected Nancy Binay reacts and clarify that she has had decades of "on-the-job training" under her parents, who have held seats in public office.

Addressing Vice Ganda's statement, Binay on Thursday said, "Parang sinabi niya kasi ata na wala akong alam, but you know, I've worked with my father for the longest time."

Nancy Binay Background

Nancy Binay is the surprise opposition bet with her bid announced few minutes before the deadline. She is one of the top 12 in the Pulse Asia's pre-election surveys.

Binay is the eldest daughter of the Vice President Jejomar Binay, for whom she serves as personal assistant. Her mother, Elenita, also had Binay as assistant during her term as Makati City mayor. Binay's brother Jun-Jun, is now mayor of Makati City.
According to her, she will push bills and laws prioritizing housing and children's welfare in the Senate.
However, Nancy Binay refused to attend any of the debates conducted by major TV networks ABS-CBN and GMA and even to a dare of Risa Hontiveros. Thus, creating wider criticisms online. People are asking why Binay is afraid of debates.


TheSummitExpress believes that those who have interest on the public office must possess a good track record, sincerity and the ability to put platforms into reality. Speaking of Nancy Binay, though she already have an idea about politics as she served as PA of VP Jejomar Binay, it's still advisable to look for 'lower position' first. This is to test the capacity to lead the public and determine the performance if fits on higher position or not.

The ambition to create a better Philippines just like 'Makati' is good. However, we should think the difference of Makati to the entire Philippines. Makati is the center of business that's why the government is able to provide majority of services and needs of the people. But in the entire Philippines, the situation of the Filipinos are still the same or getting worse every year even though we already have a Vice President who served at Makati City before.

In order to change the lives of Filipinos, we need  good leaders who are responsible and with high intellectual ability to think bills and resolutions to improve education in the country, increase employment rate, improve salary of workers and lower the cost of living.

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