Psy's 'Gentleman' heats up Youtube anew

Korean superstar, Psy finally released his follow-up single named 'Gentleman'. Youtube world is now expecting for the official video of the next dance-move sensation. The question now is, will 'Gentleman' can beat the record of 'Oppa Gangnam Style'?

For those who already heard the new track, portion of it sounds like 'Gangnam'. With its techno beat, Gentleman is a typical-sounding release from the "The Bizarre Singer" in Korea. It contains the lyrics, "I am a party mafia!" and "I am a mother father gentleman".

Though some says that production and structure is same with Gangnam, majority still look for it's success. Wish that Gentleman surpass Gangnam Style. The latter was watched by a record-breaking 1.5 billion people on YouTube last year.

The singer performed 'Gentleman' for the first time in a concert at Seoul's World Cup stadium on Saturday. Reports says that the crowd has been instructed to wear white and have been the first to know about the dance routine.

Here's the official Music Video for Gentleman. [ 4/14/2013 Update: M/V now has a total 19 million views and more than 400K shares on Youtube. ]

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