5 must-haves for corporate life

    Living in a 'corporate world' asserts the need to withstand with the challenges, competition and sustain good lifestyle. Certain rules and regulations dictate the corporate culture. You can't escape to the fact that business evolves and you have to keep yourself moving ahead of the waves to maintain your market value.

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    Probably you're working in one of the top corporations and companies in the Philippines. If yes, tell me, having stress and dilemmas are seem to be normal. Normally, caffeine-fueled world of corporate life revolves with various meetings with the clients, big bosses and co-workers or you're in your cubicle whole day and busy on doing your tasks.

    In the adverse effect of corporate life, you have to check yourself with the 5 important things to keep you competent, healthy, impressive and happy while inside the business world.

    Here are the 5 Must-Haves for Corporate Life

    1. Job Satisfaction

    Experts say that satisfaction equates to productivity. Happy employees feel respected by their bosses, confident in their job security and valued for their expertise.Great place to work don’t always revolve around perks and luxuries. This explain why Google received the 'Happiest Company' recognition last year.

    2. Learn the Culture and Follow the Rules

    The company has a lot of rules and regulations. One of these is abiding with the corporate dress code or business attire. In your meeting or dealing with clients, looks play a large part in forming the initial impression. This goes far beyond just clothing and includes grooming. This has a great impact in your sense of credibility and authority.

    Many say "you have to dress for success". You have to develop good impressions through your business attire. If possible, allocate 40% of your clothing budget to accessories. But, this depends also on your job function.

    Nowadays, you don't need to go to malls or boutiques just to check and buy clothing and accessories. Online Shopping Manila, the Philippines no.1 online mall will help you for stress-free shopping without splurging. Check out their Fashion and Accessories section for the wide selection of clothing, shoes, bags and  jewelry classified for men and women.

    3. Develop your Skills and Competency

    In order to survive the corporate life in the long run, learn to improve your skills. We know that inside the business world, there is a politics going on. Power and control are always at stake. So, don't just stay in your comfort zone. Hardwork and patience will do lot more. Explore the possibilities.

    4. Stay Healthy

    Good health at work also equates to productivity. Various companies have their own wellness program for their employees. In case they don't have, you can set-up your own. Lazada offers exercise, fitness and sports solutions which includes videos, equipment and down to accessories.

    5. Be familiar with modern Technology

    Modern technology have a great impact on our day-to-day decisions, perspective and competitiveness. Having gadgets and high-end mobile devices for example is a great help to live more from your job for scheduling of work, mobile access of e-mail and for easy communications on different forms. Some job functions require the need to be tech-savvy. In the modern times, it seems having a high-end gadget is now a must-have.

    Corporate life will suffer from domino effect or a chain reaction when one must-have is missing. Though it's small, sometimes it will have an impact on achieving your goals. To give you more idea about domino effect, new TVC of Lazada.com.ph explains.
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