Netizens rejoice for Pope Francis I - new pope for 1.2 billion Catholics

Netizens globally react and rejoice as the new pope in the name of Jorge Bergoglio, 76-years old and a former cardinal of Argentina was revealed March 14, 2013 (Philippine Time). Pope Francis, the chosen name after St. Francis of Assisi became a hot topic on social media today. New pope which replaces Benedict XVI is expected to lead a total of 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide.

Pope Francis I, new pope for 1.2 billion Catholics
Photo: Pope Francis I, new pope for 1.2 billion Catholics
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The first tweet of Pontifex, the official papal Twitter account says "We have Pope Francis" as translated from Latin language. The tweet has been a viral online - 79, 523 retweets and 23,122 favorites as of press time. @Pontifex currently have around 1.8 million followers since reactivation of account.

After the much-awaited announcement at St. Peter's Basilica, US President Barack Obama expressed his message for Pope Francis I via his Twitter account. Obama look forward to working with His holiness for the human beings.

The white smoke rose from Sistine Chapel signalled that the conclave has been ended and the new Pope was named. Pilgrims at Basilica rejoiced for this historic event for the Christianity.

Born in Buenos Aires to an Italian immigrant father, Francis is known for his simplicity. As a Jesuit, Francis is a member of the Society of Jesus, one of the biggest and most important orders in the church.

The name 'Francis' symbolizes "poverty, humility, simplicity and rebuilding the Catholic Church" according to analysts.

The pope on his very first day at position held a mass with the cardinal.

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