Typhoon 'Bising' weakens into LPA - PAGASA


In the six and final bulletin released by PAGASA 11:00 am today for Typhoon 'Bising' update, the weather bureau said that Tropical Depression "BISING" has now weakened into a Low Pressure Area (LPA).
Satellite Image Typhoon Bising- January 13, 2013
Photo: Satellite Image Typhoon Bising- January 13, 2013

As of 10:00 am, the location of the center is 820 km East of Aparri, Cagayan with coordidinates of 18.5°N, 130.5°E. No Public Storm Warning Signals Raised - PAGASA said.

However, it is advised that fishing boats and other small seacrafts not to venture out into the seaboards of Northern Luzon and over the eastern seaboard of Central Luzon due to Northeast Monsoon.

"With this development and unless re-intensification occurs, this is the final bulletin on this weather disturbance", PAGASA said.

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