John Cena dead - true or hoax?

Over the last 7 days, Filipinos are searching on the web if the famous American wrestler and 'The Marine' actor John Cena's death circulating on social media is true or a hoax. In the Google Trends Philippines, 'John Cena dead' is the number 1 most-searched.

John Cena dead- a hoax
Photo: John Cena dead- a hoax
 The news came on a spam on Facebook that encourage to click a link to a video. It says that "John Cena(John Felix Anthony Cena) of World Wrestling Entertainment died in a head injury while perfecting a wrestling stunt with WWE wrestler, Dwayne Johnson or also known as The Rock. Authorities are now investigating. Watch the original video clip from WWE and their effort to save JOHN CENA (for 18yrs & above) ". Links in the messages point to survey scams, some of which include rogue Facebook applications. verified that the message is untrue. "John Cena is alive and well. The message is a variant of another hoax that claims that WWE star Undertaker has died of a neck injury. The messages are designed to trick users into installing a rogue Facebook application and participating in bogus online surveys."

The hoax has been circulating via Facebook, Twitter and E-Mail since August 2012 and creates confusion on netizens. TheSummitExpress on it's Facebook page also encountered the false message.

We advise that you ignore the message and report this as spam.

It is common nowadays specially on Twitter that some netizens whatever their intention kills some popular personalities. There should have a watchdog to report and provide necessary actions for the originator of hoax.

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