Video and Interview - Little Psy on Showtime November 9, 2012

Hwang Min-Woo also known as Little Psy performed on Showtime, ABS-CBN noontime show Friday 9 November 2012. The popular little boy in Gangnam Style Music Video amazed the Philippines on his cool moves and unique talent.

Little Psy on Showtime 11-9-2012
Photo: Little Psy on Showtime 11-9-2012

Together with Vhong Navarro, Jhong Hilario and Korean-blood Ryan Bang, Min - Woo dances the global hit "Oppa Gangnam Style" with 'Madlang People' or the Showtime audience gave standing ovations to their performance.

After the trending performance, Little Psy greeted the Madlang People in mixed English and Korean Language. Showtime hosts asked little Psy his age and said now eight (8) years old.

He's now 7 years old in American age, 8 in Korean. The Korean age counting is different because at birth they are given the age of 1 by the Koreans. And everyone, regardless of their personal birth dates, gets one year older on the first day of the new year.

Bang served as translator for for Min-Woo on Showtime.

"How do you like the Philippines?", Bang asked Little Psy and translated to Korean. "I am super enjoy here in the Philippines and noticed too many buildings here", Korean boy answered.

Aside from dancing Oppa Gangnam Style, Little Psy shows his Michael Jackson moves and wowed audience.

Watch the video here of his amazing performance on Showtime:

Little Psy is in the Philippines now for the LG Optmus Vu, 5-inch android smartphone launch. Thanks ABS-CBN for inviting Little Psy on Showtime.

More About Little Psy

Aside from the Philippines, Little Psy also gais global attention and appeared on various tv shows worldwide after the debut of Gangnam Style MV.

After the video release, Hwang Minwoo received many love calls overseas and also filmed many commercials.

The Little wonder boy started to dance at early age of 3. Currently, he is currently taking dance and singing lessons as he improves and grows for his passion for dancing.

Little Psy also appeared on Korea's Got Talent 2. Watch his fascinating performance here.

Videos courtesy of  Youtube/ABS-CBN and KoreasGotTalent.


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