Nuffnang vs. Ambient Digital Philippines comparison, review

    If you're a publisher or blogger based in the Philippines and looking for alternative ways to earn money aside from Adsense, Nuffnang Philippines and Ambient Digital will help you to increase your income. The question now is which Ad Network is better - Nuffnang or Ambient? We provide review here based from experience for the two advertising companies.

    Nuffnang vs. Ambient Digital Philippines review
    Photo: Nuffnang vs. Ambient Digital Philippines

    Note that Nuffnang and Ambient Digital work for blogs geo-targeted to local readers only.

    From the portal of Nuffnang, it says that they are Asia-Pacific's first and leading blog advertising community, for people who share the passion for blogging. Nuffnang community currently reaches out to 1, 000, 000 bloggers in 7 countries and regions - Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, China, Hong Kong, and Thailand. Abe Olandres of Yugatech now handles Nuffnang as Country Manager. Bloggers at Nuffnang generate income through blog ads placed by various brands.

    I signed-up for Nuffnang Philippines last April 2012. TheSummitExpress at that time is still new and not yet approved in Adsense. Luckily, Nuffnang is not strict on their requirements even my site receives low traffic at that time, it got approved! I've run Nuffnang Ads with their CPC (Cost per Click) and CPUV (Cost per Unique Visitor) for about eighth (8) months now and earned some amount, not that huge compare to Adsense.

    As months passed, my site had improved enough and decided to buy a custom domain. With the increasing numbers of pageviews, Facebook Likes and Followers via RSS, I've thought of another alternative aside from Adsense, Nuffnang, Infolinks and Chitika I have on my site. I discovered another Ad Network, the Ambient Digital as it shows great campaigns from blogs I followed.

    Ambient Digital, a digital-media source for marketing requirements and no. 1 Ad Network in Vietnam starts to dominate Ad Network in Southeast Asia specially the Philippines.

    The following are the top reasons why we should join Ambient:
    -Incremental revenue generator
    -Back-up by a professional sales team
    -Unique and innovative rich media products
    -No lost in-page ad spaces for floating pop-up and sliding panel
    -Same day traffic reporting
    -Prioritize PH inventory
    -Effective geo and time-targeting filters

    The company as the time of posting have no dedicated portal for the Philippines. Publishers use the dashboard of Vietnam for the income and traffic reporting. You have to choose English Language for the Member's Log-in.

    The following are the requirements of Ambient Digital:
    1. Publisher needs to have at least 2,000 visits per day (Google Analytics).
    2. Publisher should have good and frequently updated content.
    3. Publisher must not violate any regulation of content publishing regulated by the Philippine laws.
    4. Publisher is hosted by its own domain. Free domains are not allowed to join Ambient Ad Network. [But as confirmed with Ambient Philippines, blogspot domain is accepted.]

    Although, it has the option to register at their website but for my convenience I chose to contact their Publisher Manager for my application as I read on other blogs. Many say that Ambient will personally contact those owners of blogs if they find the site with good traffic and passed the requirements.

    It's great that my site got approved after the process set by Ambient:
    1. Entered into the Ambient Publisher Contract.
    2. Ambient sent an Ad Code (Java Script) via email.
    3. Embed Ambient Ad Code into web template.
    5. Provided a login access to the Ambient platform to monitor and track revenue.

    Ambient Ads is different from Nuffnang Ads as it popped-up from the bottom right corner of the page. The coverage is good and CTR is surely high as it can be noticed easily.Don't worry, it is also compatible with Google Adsense.

    Ambient Digital also offers CPC and CPM campaigns. Cost per campaign varies from the size of ads, budget of advertiser and offered CPM/ CPC rate. As compared with Nuffnang, the rate for Ambient Ads given to publishers is higher.

    For about 10 days since the start of running Ambient Ads, I've already surpassed the minimum amount to cash-out. Earnings is about 8 to 10 times compared to Nuffnang Ads.

    Other reason why earnings at Ambient is higher compared to Nuffnang is the campaign duration and ads availability on your site. Ambient Ads runs alternately on the approved sites. Nuffnang on their process selects blogs only for certain campaigns and with limited time and unique visitors only as bought by Advertiser. It's not guaranteed that 100% of the time, you have Ad Unit on Nuffnang that generates money.

    While income at Nuffnang is lower compared to Ambient, it has a close-knit community through a vast range of exclusive events and contests they frequently organized and supported. If you have the talent for writing good articles, once a Glitterati Nuffnanger will have the chance to join  and win their contests. That would improve your earnings surely.

    In summary, it is OK to run ads from Ambient Digital and Nuffnang Philippines both in your site as I did. Both ads are compatible with Adsense. Expect that income from Ambient will be higher compared to Nuffnang.

    If you want to register to Ambient Digital, you may contact:

    CharisseM. Domingo
    Publisher Manager
    Email: cha.domingo@ambientdigitalgroup.com
    Mobile: 09178956510
    Office Landline: 8468824

    If you want to register to Nuffnang Philippines, click here.


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