AMALAYER goes viral: Paula Salvosa vs. LRT guard incident

    MANILA, Philippines – AMALAYER, a new coined word from the viral incident at Santolan LRT Station where a girl named Paula Salvosa makes an argument and raised voice to the lady guard, Sharon Mae Casinas, now a hot topic on Twitter.

    AMALAYER hits online

    The hashtag #AMALAYER came from the passenger's pronunciation of "I'm a liar," that trends on microblogging site, both worldwide and in the Philippines.

    As of this writing, #AMALAYER still the no. 1 trending topic on Twitter Philippines. Paula Jamie Salvosa and LRT also trend.

    Isabelle Magallona's reaction earns retweets of about 4, 500 as of this writing.

    "I just saw this #AMALAYER video. Grabe talaga. Practice humility even if you believe you are right." - Isabella Magalona (@saabmagalona)

    Based on investigation, lady guard Casinas requested the Paula to put her bag at the conveyor of the x-ray machine for scanning but the latter somehow missed the procedure and hurriedly entered the station," the LRTA said in a statement late Wednesday.

    Here is the video of the incident (The Trending Star of The Day):

    Video of the incident goes viral on November 24 and earned mixed responses from those who already watched. A parody of the original video also hits online exaggerating the incident.

    Many say that the video does not tell the whole story but the girl should have handled it correctly, not that scandalous act.

    In an interview by GMA News, Salvosa said she is willing to resolve the issue with the security guard, though it was the lady guard who raised her voice initially. She would not have reacted that way if the guard had treated her well.

    Salvosa also said she is a victim of cyberbullying. She also denied that she owns the Twitter account name @paulaharlow, as she has already deactivated her Twitter and Facebook accounts.

    "I want to be an example na may karapatan naman tayo. Cyberbullying ito," she said.

    Meanwhile, here's a video of TV5 interview with Ms. Paula Salvosa to clarify the issue.

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