Philippines, China strengthen friendship

    President Benigno "Pnoy" Aquino III on Friday receives Chinese delegation led by Vice Foreign Minister and Special Envoy of Chinese Government Fu Ying during courtesy call at Malacanang Palace.
    Pres. Aquino and Vice Foreign Minister on Malacanang Palace
    Photo: Pres. Aquino and Vice Foreign Minister and Special Envoy of Chinese
    Government Fu Ying at courtesy call at Malacanang, Friday 19 October 2012
    Photo Credit: gov.ph

    Fu Ying imparted the message from Chinese President Hu Jintao that China places great importance and value to the long-standing friendship with the Philippines. Fu said that China wants to strenghten further the relationship of Philippines and their country for the benefit of both countries.

    "The Filipinos are a reasonable people and that the Philippines aspires for a peaceful and stable region. The Philippines has been fostering a conducive atmosphere so that both sides can come to a mutually beneficial solution to issues of mutual concern.", President Aquino said.

     The President also noted that it is important to set the achievables in our bilateral relations and the corresponding timetable toward their fulfillment.

    Fu is in Manila as delegate to the 18th Philippines–China Foreign Ministry Consultations (FMC). China and Phl has an agreement to achieve bilateral trade of US$ 60 billion dollars and a 2 million two-way tourism arrivals by 2016. The matter is discussed and agreed by Hu and Aquino last 2011.

    This is a good move since there are some shoal issues  yet faced by both countries and need to resolve. Hope that the dialogue will fix some gaps between Phl and China.


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