Smart LTE network runs 2100, 1800, and 850MHz bands

    Wireless leader Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) on Friday says that it will offer its cutting-edge, multi-band Long Term Evolution (LTE) service on a new frequency.

    This will enable more LTE devices to run on the Smart network, and make the telco leader’s wireless network the ‘perfect fit’ to new LTE devices coming in.

    Smart is the first and only telco in the country with commercial LTE. Last August 25, Smart LTE launched commercially using 2100MHz band.

    Recently, it announced the addition of 1800 band making the telco, the first telco in Asia and even in the world to run LTE in multi-band.

    Today, as Smart announced new frequency, 850MHz which is the frequency used by the HSPA network, interoperability and flexibility can be offered in the services.

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