Pacquiao-Marquez 4 to be held on December 2012?

According to the Mexican boxer promoter Fernando Beltran, a deal for possible Pacquiao - Marquez part four (4)  coveted fight will close in few hours and almost  ninety five  percent (95%) done.

"Verbally we can announce that on December 8, we will have this fight, but nothing more because I am being conservative. I say that 95% it is closed [a done deal]," Fernando Beltran of Zanfer Promotions said in Boxing Scene.

Marquez camp is aggresive now to materialize the fight to end the rivalry with the famous Filipino boxer. The only hindrance now is Manny Pacquiao camp is not yet signed the contract.

"The only reason I cannot guarantee the fight is because there is not a signed contract from Pacquiao before us, however, in the coming hours, we will have it," said Beltran.

"Pacquiao knows that he needs to fight Márquez in order to regain his credibility. And even more so after the controversial defeat against [Timothy] Bradley; now he knows what it feels like. It is the opportunity for him to vindicate himself with the boxing world and the opportunity to clearly beat Juan," added by Beltran.

Last 2004, their fight ended as draw and by 2008 bout Pacquiao edged in a split decision. Last year, the Filipino won again over Marquez via majority decision.

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