Mark Barriga makes Filipino proud inspite of loss to Kazakh boxer

Although Mark Anhony Barriga was defeated by Kazakhstan boxer, Birzhan Zhakipov, the Filipinos are still proud having him in the fight for gold of success. The boxing hope in London 2012 was gone due to  a controversial olympic boxing decision that lead to 16-17 scores in favor of Zhakipov bout yesterday, August 4, 2012.
Mark Anthony Barriga lost to Kazakh
Photo: Mark Anthony Barriga lost to Kazakh fighter Birzhan Zhakypov
Photo credit: Yahoo News

The fight has three rounds of three minutes each. As broadcasted live on local television, Barriga started strong during the first round, throwing combinations of punches, but still lost by 1 point at 4-5.

He opted to be more cautious on the second round and fought counter-punching Zhakypov, winning the round at 6-3. At this point, Barriga was winning with a 10-8 point total for both rounds.

The Round 3 is one of most controversial portion of the fight wherein the Filipino boxer, Barriga was deducted by 2 points given by the referee after he ducked his Kazakhstan opponent.

Zhakypov will next face Beijing Olympics gold medalist Zou Shiming of China, who beat Cuba's Yosbany Veitia Soto, 14-11. Zou beat Zhakypov in the finals of the light flyweight division in the 2010 Asian Games.

Mark Barriga was considered as one of the most explosive boxer in the 49 kgs. division especially after his impressive wins during the round of 32 where he defeated the Italian boxer, Manuel Kappai.
Reporter Lia Cruz of AKTV had earlier reported that the Philippines filed the protest on the grounds that a boxer must be warned three times first before incurring a penalty. Barriga was warned only once by referee Roland Nabbe, who then awarded Zhakypov two points.Without those extra two points, Barriga would have won, 16-15.

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