Manny Pacquiao "hopes to make people happy" during Pre-fight Interview

    Manny Pacquiao is a sure winner for all the Filipino who idolized him since the start of his magnificent boxing carrer. He already knocked down Timothy Bradley by the overwhelming support from his fans. 
    Smart supports Manny Pacquiao fight
    Photo: Manny Pacquiao will make people happy
    Photo Credit: Smart Cares via Twitter

    From the brief pre-fight interview, Manny says "I'm very excited to fight, perform, and make people happy." And before his fight, the whole Philippines is in support of him. Go PACMAN became trending topic in Twitter today. After the fight, it will definitely will change to # Congrats PACMAN hashtag.

    Smart is in support to Pacquiao on his toughest fight of the year as it set-up a live and free showing of Pacquiao-Bradley fight.
    Pacquiao Fight Luneta Viewing
    Photo: PACMAN fans flocked to Rizal Park to witness how our Hero will defeat Bradley live and free
    Photo Credit: Smart Cares

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