June 30, 2012 is Social Media Day Around the World

    The emerging  technologies has a great impact on the social media convergence around the world. By June 30, 2012, netizens will celebrate "The Social Media Day" . The event is spearheaded by Mashable and according to their website, this is the third time after launching the event in 2010 as a way to recognize digital revolution. The website encourage Mashable Meetups around the world for this once a year experience.
    Mashable leads Social Media Day 2012
    Photo: Mashable leads Social Media Day

    In the Philippines, Social Media Day gathering will be done in Makati area and in other parts of the country like Quezon City, Iligan City, Cagayan de Oro City and Davao City.

    This is a major gathering of the Twitterati,bloggers and Internet users. This year's  theme will proclaim the Philippines as Social Media Capital of the World. According to study, 35million Filipinos  have access to the  internet that's why Philippines deserves for the title. Over 27M Pinoys log-in to Facebook while some millions have Twitter account. Since 2008, the Philippines is tagged as Social Media Capital.

    The event is organized by TweetUp Manila and to be held at Tower One Fountain Area, Ayala Triangle, Ayala Avenue, Makati City. The admission is FREE.

    The event will serve also the launching of Project 140 to support 140 scholars around the country through the cooperation of social media users.

    The Makati event is presented by Ayala Land Inc., Make It Makati, TV5, Beyond the Box, Crumpler, NetBooster Asia, eLearning Edge, Unilab, EchoStore, Michelis, Axe, Garnier, Boracay, Adobo Magazine and KLM.

    We could expect the hashtags #smday  or #SocialMediaDay trend tomorrow. Mashable MeetUps is now in 516 cities according to the popular website. Social Media day is powered by Motorola.

    The Summit Express is proud to be part of this celebration!
    Share and proceed with the Meet Up tomorrorow.
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