Teaser: 'Survivor: Philippines' Seasons 25 and 26 in Caramoan Islands

During the finale of Survivor: One World last May 13, it was confirmed that two more seasons were renewed, Season 25 and 26 with Jeff Probst still the host of  the most popular and highly-rated television show in America aired over CBS network.

Jeff Probst host Survivor:Philippines

Watch Survivor: Philippines Promo Teaser here.

Season 25 is called Survivor: Philippines that is currently films at the beautiful islands of Caramoan in the Bicol region. Survivor USA Season 25 will feature returning castaways that were removed from the previous seasons due to illness and injury.
As speculated, the three returning castaways are Michael Skupin  of Survivor: The Australian Outback, Jonathan Penner  of Survivor: Micronesia and Russell Swan  of Survivor: Samoa.  After Survivor: All-Stars, it will be the first season  to begin with the  three tribes and the seventh season overall to feature returning castaways.

Survivor: Philippines compose of three tribes with six members.The names of the tribe were Kalabaw (Carabao), Matsing (Monkey) and Tandang (Rooster).

From a reliable source, premiere of Season is on September 2012. Season 26 of Survivor is also for shoot in Caramoan.

Survivor USA: Philippines is in partnership with Philippine Film Studios Inc., forefront of production filming.

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