Joshua Ledet eliminated from American Idol

MANILA, Philippines – Since the American Idol competition became more and more stiffer, the results for the Final Two became unpredictable at the start. Joshua Ledet, Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips are good singers and already have fanbase on their regions. The faith is dictated by the voting system.

However, did America make the right decision for Ledet not dominating the call, text and online votes that made him eliminated in the final round?

Joshua Ledet eliminated from American Idol
Joshua Ledet was eliminated from American Idol

Many believe that Joshua is talented than Phillip and can make his name in the music industry. Judges were amazed on his performances and gave standing standing ovation as well. But netizens have mixed opinions on AI standing.

From Diane Carmichael on Facebook, "Phillip has no vocal talent to begin with. He is just a Dave Mathews wannabe. Of the three Joshua is the only one that will have longevity in the music industry."

However, there is always a negative side of it. Some are tired of Ledet's screaming and wailing.From Tony Lemansky on his Facebook post, "Yes, America got it right finally his screeching, and the constant standing ovations when his performance was mediocre at best, on the other hand, if Jessica would not of been saved, that would of been save the following week when Colton got voted off, which should of been the Colton-Phillip finale".

All of us might have our own top choice and reasons for not choosing one from the other. The most important of this is, we respect everyone's opinion and we did our part for saving our favorite. There will be no more drama.

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