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WATCH: Deleted scenes from Die Beautiful go viral


MANILA, Philippines - Can’t seem to get enough of Trisha Echeverria? Die Beautiful director Jun Robles Lana has decided to share some clips deleted from the award-winning film.

Deleted scenes from Die Beautiful go viral

The deleted scenes, one which shows the possible climax of the film, instantly became hits on social media. The particular scene features Trisha Echeverria’s (played by Paolo Ballesteros), father (Joel Torre) and sister (Gladys Reyes) confronting bystanders in Trisha’s wake. Accompanied by cops, Trisha’s father ordered her body’s removal from the coffin. Fortunately, Trisha’s best friend Barbs (Christian Bables) came to the rescue and screamed at him.

According to the critically acclaimed director, the scene took a whole day to shoot but the production team decided not to include it in the film since it was not working for the story.

“This scene took a whole day to shoot. But during edit, it was not working for the story. Tough decision,” Lana wrote in the caption of the video.

Another scene not included in the movie shows Trisha’s funny conversation with his gay classmates Barbs and his two other friends played by IC Mendoza and Cedrick Juan. Lana decided to share the clip in response to fans’ questions about Trisha’s “rowdy” friends.

One of the 8 movies showed in the recent Metro Manila Film Festival, Die Beautiful proved to be one of the moviegoers’ favorite as it massed P98 million in earnings, according to Star Cinema.

Ballesteros and Bables bagged the Best Actor and Supporting Actor awards, respectively. The film also won the MMFF 2016's My Most Favorite Film award and the Best Float award.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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