Video of LET passer surprising parents goes viral, inspires netizens

For a student who has graduated from college and passed the desired board exam, there is no equivalent value to the feeling of seeing their parents extremely happy because, finally, their sacrifices for their child have paid off.

Video of LET passer surprising parents goes viral, inspires netizens
Photo courtesy: TikTok/Jake Navarro Rodriguez

Netizens were deeply moved by a TikTok video posted by Jake Navarro Rodriguez, who surprised his parents after passing the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET).

Jake said in an interview with Pilipino Star Ngayon Digital that he was at Kaisa Convention Hall at the time, visiting his friends. When the results were announced, he was in a corner. Then he started getting messages saying they saw his name on the list. He quickly checked the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) page. He just cried and screamed.”

"After that, I was asked to pick up a cake from a store (it was my dad's birthday that day). I had them write on the greeting, 'I'M AN LPT NOW!' Then we went home. I brought my friends along, and they were the ones taking the video. We went home, and I said, 'Mom, Dad, your child is now an LPT!'" Jake added.

Jake shared that his parents had no idea he had taken the LET.

In the video, Jake and his parents became emotional when he revealed that he had passed the board exam.


Ma, Pa LPT na anak nyo! 😭 after 5Years 🫢🏽 Jake Navarro Rodriguez LPT 🫢🏽 Licensed Professional Teacher Licensed Financial Adviser Cutie 🫢🏽 Simpleng tao na walang chopper 🀭🀣

♬ original sound - Cuutie

Here are some reactions and comments from netizens:

"This is so heartwarming! Congratulations, Jake! Your parents must be incredibly proud of you! πŸ’–"

"I'm crying happy tears watching this! What a beautiful moment to share with your family. Congratulations on your achievement!"

"Jake, you are such an inspiration! Seeing your parents' reaction is making me tear up. Congratulations on passing the exam!"

"This is the kind of content we need more of on TikTok. Genuine moments of joy and love. Congratulations, Jake!"

"I don't even know you, but I'm so proud of you! Your parents' reaction says it all. Congratulations on this amazing accomplishment!"

"Wow, this made my day! Seeing your parents' pure happiness is everything. Congratulations, Jake! You deserve it!"

"I can't stop watching this! The love between you and your parents is so evident. Congratulations on becoming an LPT!"

"Such a beautiful moment captured on video. Congratulations to you and your proud parents, Jake!"

"Your video brought tears to my eyes! Congratulations on passing the exam, Jake. Your parents' joy is contagious!"

Congratulations, Jake and to his parents!

— Noel Ed Richards, The Summit Express

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