Senior citizen high school student inspires: 'Age is not a hindrance to reach goals!'

The term "senior" in senior high school at San Pascual Senior High School 1 in San Antonio, San Pascual, Batangas, seemed to become literal after a senior citizen lady became an inspiration to her community, that despite her age, she is still striving to complete her basic education.

Senior citizen high school student inspires
Photo courtesy: Facebook/Fely Adarlo

According to a Facebook post by a teacher "Daisy Villas," their senior citizen student "Fely Adarlo" is close to completing her studies at the Senior High School of San Pascual Senior High School 1 in San Antonio, San Pascual, Batangas.

Fely can be seen holding a placard with the words "Age is not a hindrance to reach goals."

“Age is not a hindrance to reach goals” mother Fely Adarlo congrats po✨ happy graduation in advance 💖,” Villas said in her post’s caption.

In the comment section, Fely's comment to Daisy can be read, where she addressed her as "Ma'am," revealing that Daisy is actually her teacher.

“Alahhhh Kakahiya po sa inyo. Thank you po Ma’am Daisy Varela Villas,” she said.

Netizens flooded Fely with greetings, saying she serves as an inspiration to everyone because despite her age, she continues to strive to finish her education.

In an interview, Felisa Adarlo mentioned that she has five children and ten grandchildren. At present, she is 68 years old and is in Grade 12 at the mentioned public school. She said that it was her own children and grandchildren who encouraged her to return to school rather than stay idle and bored at home, something she also desired.

Studying is said to help sharpen her mind and avoid illnesses like Alzheimer's Disease or Dementia, which often occur in elderly individuals like herself.

Fely admitted that returning to school, especially at her age, was not easy. At first, she felt like she was in a daycare center or kindergarten. However, with the guidance of her teachers, family, and even classmates, she gradually adapted to being a student again.

She said she plans to continue her studies in college, and she wants to pursue a degree in Education to become a teacher.

Congrats, Fely!

— Noel Ed Richards, The Summit Express

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