Get Amazed in Bantayan Island, Cebu

MANILA, Philippines – A popular local spot made more popular by a 2016 Filipino movie “Camp Sawi”, this is Bantayan Island in Cebu. Located in the northernmost tip of Cebu province, this paradise showcases unspoiled beaches with crystal clear waters, pack it with adventures to amplify your adrenaline such as caving, cliff-diving, kayaking, island-hopping, and even skydiving! We’ll jot this down here in your itinerary list so better have a review and be prepared before you embark on your destination to Bantayan Island, Cebu!!!
Get Amazed in Bantayan Island, Cebu
From Cebu City, the best option to go up north is via the North Bus Terminal and ride a bus going to Hagnaya Port. From the port, board the ferry to Sta. Fe, and there you have it, you will reach Bantayan Island, with expected travel time of 5 to 6 hours depending on traffic situations. But don’t fret with this long trip because you will get rewarded once you reach the island, for sure. :)

There are lots of beach resorts and room accommodations here, but best to stay in Kota Beach Resort (the shooting location of “Camp Sawi”) or nearby resorts such as La Playa Estrella Resort. Much better to plan your stay ahead of time to make reservations on these resorts. Once with accommodation reservations, don’t worry about your itinerary because the local tricycles here offer a land tour, less hassle, and no scams (but entrance fees not excluded).

Listed below are the spots you have to visit, don’t skip as these are all worthy of your trip.

1. Mangrove Park (Omagieca Obo-ob Mangrove Garden)

Located in Barangay Obo-ob, this mangrove park is such a delight to see, as the fresh breeze of the sea touches you as you set a foot on their bamboo foot trail. Breathe in those sea elements in the air and relax with the luscious greens of the mangrove. This is really an escape from our daily haggles with side walks in the metro. This park is included in the tricycle land tour itinerary offered by the locals.
Camp Sawi Mangrove Park Bantayan Island Cebu
Omagieca Obo-ob Mangrove Garden or better known as Camp Sawi

2. Ogtong Cave

Such a secret because who would know that beneath the path you would walk is an underground cave with a cold water to swim to. Depending on the tides, there are different depths of water you can enjoy. Get your skin refreshed by the water, and you may take a drink in the cafe inside the Ogtong Cave Resort. This is also part of the land tour.
Ogtong Cave Bantayan Island Cebu
Ogtong Cave

3. Virgin Island

Part of the island hopping tour via boat, Virgin Island awaits you the pristine beach and powdery sands that is very comparable to Boracay. You can spend a day here, or better stay overnight to enjoy the night sky with the stars above you. There are lots of activities here like kayaking and cliff-diving. To quench the heat of the sun, lots of food and refreshment are offered here, so you won’t need to worry about hunger. If you don’t feel like moving, just be a beach bum and no one else will judge.
Virgin Island’s powdery beach
Virgin Island’s powdery beach

4. Bantayan Lagoon

As part of the island boat tour, you will also alight to the lagoon, also known as Balidbid Lagoon. This is part of Bantayan Island’s eastern coastline. Feel relaxed under the coconut trees, and you can have a nap or just sip your fruit shakes offered here, and sit on a hammock.
Hammocks under coconut trees in Bantayan Lagoon
Hammocks under coconut trees in Bantayan Lagoon

If you have more budget on your pocket, why not visit the neighboring town of Madridejos, located also in Bantayan Island, and explore their dried fish delicacies and have them as pasalubongs. Or for more adrenaline rush, you can hit skydiving in Sta. Fe (but please mind the cost). You may check their prices here Another activity if you still have spare time is to rent a boat and get your day tour in Kalanggaman, Leyte, and enjoy their infamous sand bar!!!

After your Bantayan Island tour, you can have a quick tour in Cebu City or have lechon lunch or dinner before heading home with a soul full of memories. So, yes, this is your sign to just book your flight now and hit Bantayan Island in Cebu!

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