Suspect in Cebu City robbery hurdles 2023 Bar exams

MANILA, Philippines – “Congratulations, my son!”

These were the initial words uttered by Celsa Geverola, 65, upon regaining the ability to converse with her son Jigger over the telephone.

Jigger Geverola was in prison when the results of the 2023 Bar examination were released, and his name was included in the list of those who passed.

Suspect in Cebu City robbery hurdles 2023 Bar exams

He is presently in custody at the Cebu City Police Office following allegations that he orchestrated the robbery of a local pawn shop on November 25.

Three days after the robbery, Jigger was apprehended when two other arrested suspects pointed him out as the individual who directed them to take the suspected getaway vehicle to a mountainous area in Argao town, Cebu.

Upon learning that Jigger was among the 3,812 law graduates who successfully passed the 2023 Bar examination, Celsa mentioned that his wife promptly visited him in his detention cell.

Jigger reportedly just laughed when he found out about it, joking that the family should have a lechon (roasted pig) celebration once he is released.

Celsa insisted that her son is innocent of the crime being accused, and is not guilty of the alleged offense.

She expressed that Jigger's accomplishment of becoming a lawyer is a significant milestone for the family.

Celsa acknowledged that her son had been incarcerated in the past, but upon his release, he made the choice to pursue a legal education with the intention of aiding others once he achieves the status of a lawyer.

According to the police, the bar passer has multiple law violation cases. In 2001, he was charged with murder and arson for allegedly setting fire to a bus. He was arrested in 2004.

It was also pointed out that he was a former official of the Communist Central Visayas Regional Party Committee before returning to the government and resuming his studies.

In an interview after the Bar exam results were released, Gerevola expressed joy at passing and felt that his efforts had paid off. This was his second attempt at taking the Bar exams.

He is also hopeful to be given the opportunity to participate in the oath-taking ceremony scheduled for December 22.

As of writing this article, there is no news yet on whether he will be allowed to post bail and be released from detention to attend the oath-taking ceremony.

So the question now among netizens is, will he be able to defend himself against the crime he is being accused of?

— Richard, The Summit Express

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