The power of manifesting: UP grad achieved to become summa cum laude

"Do you believe in the power of manifesting?"

"Manifesting" generally refers to the practice of focusing on positive thinking and visualization to bring about desired outcomes or changes in one's life. It is often associated with the law of attraction, where the idea is that thoughts and energy can influence the reality one experiences.

However, the meanings and connotations of terms, especially those related to popular culture or trends, can evolve over time. As of 2022, the term "manifesting" was widely used in self-help and personal development circles. Some people post it on their social media accounts and wait for their manifested dreams to become a reality.

In relation to this, the social media post of a Bachelor of Science in Public Health graduate from the University of the Philippines-Manila namely "Lyder Kyle Dimaapi," went viral after he shared the story of his “manifesting” in 2020, aiming to graduate with honors, and eventually achieving summa cum laude in his studies.

Lyder Kyle Dimaapi manifesting
Photo courtesy: Facebook / Lyder Kyle Dimaapi

Lyder shared his tweet on July 21, 2020, where he mentioned that he was reading Facebook posts from UP about their summa cum laude graduates.

It can be read on his tweet, “Nagbabasa ako ng fb posts ng mga UP summa cum laude. Lord gusto ko rin po huhu.”

After four years of dedication to his studies, Lyder was ecstatic to receive an email stating that he qualified for summa cum laude honors at their commencement exercises last August.

In his recent X post (formerly tweet) last July 18, 2023, he revisited his mentioned initial post about aspiring to graduate summa cum laude in college, similar to other UP graduates who received this honor.

“Ngayon ko lang nakita tong tweet ko nung freshie ako. Pag nangarap ka, taasan mo na. Saka na yung sablay pic after graduation haha.”

In an interview, Lyder mentioned that his manifested goal truly served as inspiration and motivated him to strive hard to achieve it.

“Manifesting is just a small part lang ng big win na ito. Malaking tulong din na in all the things I do, lagi kong sinasabi na mahirap pero kakayanin kaya ‘eto mahirap pero kinaya naman haha,” he said.

His message, “Naniniwala naman ako na lahat ng achievements and successes in life, nagsimula sa munting pangarap.”

“Kaya don’t be afraid to dream big. One day it’s going to be worth it.”

Lyder marched onto the stage and received the summa cum laude medal on August 7, 2023. In his Facebook post, he shared some details about his speech.

“To be able to graduate from the University of the Philippines is already a great feat in itself, but to also top my class is a fantasy-turned-reality for me,” he stated.

“Para sa inyong lahat itong Sablay ko.🌻”

Congratulations, Lyder!

— Richard, The Summit Express

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