November 2023 Civil Engineering Licensure Exam Top 1 shares struggle during exam

MANILA, Philippines – “Nahirapan ka pa nang lagay na ‘yan?”

The normal reaction of a board taker is probably to think that they might fail in taking a licensure exam, such as the Civil Engineering Licensure Examination (CELE), until they see their name on the official list of passers.

But what if you thought you would fail, struggled, and knew you made mistakes in the answering process, but as it turns out, not only did you pass, you actually topped everyone who took the exam? Amazing, isn't it?

Engr. Daniel James Molina's Facebook post went viral on social media after he shared a screenshot of his conversation with Engr. Godfrey Queron Correa following his completion of the exam on November 18, 2023.

November 2023 Civil Engineering Licensure Exam Top 1 shares struggle during exam
Photo courtesy: Facebook/Engr. Godfrey Queron Correa

Engr. Godfrey emerged as the Top 1 in the recent Civil Engineer board exam, achieving an impressive rating of 93.60%. Despite his exceptional performance, the conversation in the screenshot suggests that he felt his performance was subpar. He mentioned making a mistake in shading one item.

However, the outcome revealed him as Rank 1, showcasing that his concerns about his performance were unfounded.

Molina and Correa have been close friends since 2020, sharing knowledge in their field through online exchanges. Molina also served as a mentor to Correa. Molina mentioned that he was confident his friend would pass the board exam with flying colors because of Correa's dedication to studying.

Therefore, he was not surprised when the results were released, and Correa emerged as the top performer nationwide.

Meanwhile, Correa's gratitude can be read in his Facebook post.

“Ganito ka powerful si Lord! Dati top 10 lang pinapangarap ko pero sobra-sobra yong binigay mo sa akin Lord, thank you Lord. Kahit na puyat madalas at ilang beses kami nagkasakit dito sa Manila, hindi Mo kami pinabayaan,” he said.

He expressed gratitude to the individuals who assisted and inspired him in achieving his goals.

In addition to being a topnotcher, Godfrey also graduated Magna Cum Laude from Palawan State University.

Congratulations, Engr. Godfrey!

— Richard, The Summit Express

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