Educ grad who lost DLSU scholarship bags top 1 in LET

Even if he fails in one thing, he quickly redeems himself!

The story of Lanvin Delos Santos, an education graduate who has now become a full-fledged mathematics teacher, continues to serve as an inspiration to everyone, especially to board exam takers.

Educ grad who lost DLSU scholarship bags top 1 in LET
Photo courtesy: Facebook/Lanvin Delos Santos, Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)

He ranked first in the January 2022 Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers with an impressive rating of 92.80 percent!

Delos Santos shared in an interview with the Philippine Entertainment Portal or PEP the story behind his success. He mentioned that he genuinely aimed to become a topnotcher in the LET to redeem himself from a past failure.

This happened when he lost his scholarship at De La Salle University (DLSU) which forced him to transfer to the National Teachers College (NTC) to continue his Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics.

Delos Santos shared that his father had passed away when he was still in high school. He mentioned that his mother didn't have a stable, permanent job and had to do various things to make ends meet. There were times when she worked as a household helper or took on laundry jobs.

Delos Santos knew from the start that being a teacher was his destiny, which became his chosen profession.

He qualified for the Vaugirard full-scholarship at DLSU, an annual program of the university for 50 graduates of Philippine public schools.

He mentioned that he didn't have to pay for his tuition, and he even received an allowance and dorm accommodation. Despite the challenges of adapting to a new environment, he persevered to continue his studies.

Delos Santos didn't mention why he lost the full scholarship he was initially awarded.

He didn't let what happened affect him, and he immediately transferred to NTC to continue his education. He mentioned that he easily adjusted to the new environment because the school was very accommodating.

When it came to taking the board exam, he mentioned that he used a method called the "CARL Method."

It's worth noting that he even dozed off for a few minutes due to extreme fatigue while taking the exam.

He said, "I encircled or underlined important words and chose my answer based on that and the options, so I was confident in many of my answers even though the concept being asked didn't immediately come to mind."

It was ingrained in his mind that he needed to become a topnotcher because he wanted to make up for the lost scholarship. He believed that he wouldn't be able to achieve Latin honors at NTC since he was a transferee. In a way, this board exam was his way of making amends.

At the time he learned the LET results, he was at the school where he teaches. The school administrators, fellow teachers, students, friends, and especially his mother, were overjoyed.

He is now a senior high school teacher at Olivarez College, Parañaque City. He is also a National Lecturer at the Carl Balita Review Center.

He's planning to pursue a master's degree program.

He also gave advice or a message to people who can relate to his story.

"Pero hindi rin dapat gawing big deal kung hindi ka ma-qualify as Dean’s List or Latin honors,” he stated.

“Being too hard on yourself takes the enjoyment out of learning. Siguro, babanggitin ko rito yung mga sinasabi ng mga kaibigan ko: ‘Basta pasado, okey lang.’”

"If you have the means to do so, you’re sure about your decision, and shifting means a better opportunity for you, then go for it.”

Congratulations, Teacher Lanvin!

— Richard, The Summit Express

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