Teacher carries student's baby while answering seatwork in class

MANILA, Philippines – Many were moved by a senior high school teacher from Northern Samar who carried her student's child to help them focus on answering their seatwork in class.

On Crescencio Doma Jr.'s Facebook post, he recounted the story of his only sibling, Teacher Rosaly Doma Mamuric, 49, carrying the baby of one of her students.

Teacher carries student's baby while answering seatwork in class
Photo courtesy: Facebook/Crescencio Martires Doma Jr.

According to Doma, a student brought her baby to school because there was no one to take care of and watch over the child at home. While the student was carrying the baby in the middle of class, the baby fell asleep, which is why she said she couldn't do her seatwork properly.

Therefore, Teacher Rosaly reportedly volunteered to carry the baby while she was doing her regular classroom routine.

It can be read, “Proud Manoy here. Just want to share what other people might consider as an ordinary thing in the classroom. But if others are happy to see this, how much more the brother in me.”

“These are pictures of my younger sister Rosalyn Doma Mamuric who is currently teaching at the Allen National High School - Senior High School in Northern Samar.”

“One of her female students, a young mother, came to class with her baby since no one could take care of her at home that time. The baby fell asleep in the middle of the class and her mother cannot do her seat work while carrying the baby.”

“So, my sister offered to carry the baby while doing her regular classroom routine so her mother can continue with her class tasks. Some students apparently took these pictures.”

“Yes, it could not just be my sister. Other teachers may have done this too in similar situations; though there were just no cameras to capture those moments. Thus, who would not be happy to see "the mother in a teacher" in this situation?”

Doma expressed that he is proud of his sister.

“I am so proud of my sister for this and for the other things she does as a public school teacher. I am also proud to say that our mother was once a public school teacher. And I am happy to have been a teacher too in the past.”

“Mabuhay ang mga Gurong Pilipino saan mang panig ng mundo. Padayon!”

Currently, Philippines is celebrating National Teachers' Month from September to October.

— Richard, The Summit Express

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