Angkas rider thanks job for helping him graduate in criminology

MANILA, Philippines – The story of an Angkas rider gained admiration online as he inspired many netizens to not let any obstacles get in the way of achieving their dreams.

Angkas rider thanks job for helping him graduate in criminology
Kleiy Zarus Escalona graduates college while juggling his job as an Angkas rider | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ Kleiy Zarus Escalona

Kleiy Zarus Esca Lona's Facebook post drew praise after he shared his story of determination to finish his education. According to him, he faced a setback in his studies back in 2011 when he had to stop pursuing a degree in BS Information Technology. However, he didn't let this setback define him. Instead, he found a way to overcome the challenges and continue his educational journey.

"In 2017, my girlfriend at the time got pregnant, and we got married in June 2017. That's when I started thinking about what kind of job I could do while continuing my studies," Kleiy shared.

Driven by his desire to provide for his family while still pursuing his dreams, Kleiy came across Angkas ads on his Facebook wall. This sparked an idea in him, and he used the money received from their wedding to make a down payment for a motorcycle. In September 2017, he applied as an Angkas rider, allowing him to earn a living while balancing his school schedule.

"I was able to continue my studies without compromising my school schedule, even after my wife and I had two sons," Kleiy explained.

To support their family, Kleiy's wife made the selfless decision to resign from her job and focus on taking care of their children. Despite the financial challenges, they gathered the courage and relied on God's grace to navigate through their journey.

"With God's grace, our income somehow sufficed, and my wife and I gathered the courage for me to finish my studies. In May, I finally graduated with a degree in BS Criminology," Kleiy proudly stated.

Kleiy's inspiring journey serves as a beacon of hope for everyone facing obstacles in their path to success. Despite the challenges of being a husband and father while still pursuing his education, he remained determined and resourceful. Kleiy's story shows us the power of perseverance, resilience, and seizing opportunities.

Netizens have been quick to praise Kleiy for his unwavering dedication and ability to overcome the odds. Comments flooded social media platforms, with users commending his resilience and determination. Many shared their own stories of facing adversity and finding inspiration in Kleiy's journey.

As we read stories like Kleiy's, we are reminded of the importance of not letting setbacks define us. Instead, they should serve as stepping stones toward greater achievements.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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