Third time’s a charm for this May 2023 CPALE passer

MANILA, Philippines – An accounting graduate from Cotabato City showed that setbacks are not the end of the road to success. Instead, mistakes could be the building blocks of success. After two failed attempts, Bai Ashura Kasim Hanok passed the Certified Public Accountant Licensing Exam (CPALE) in May 2023 on her third attempt.

Third time’s a charm for May 2023 CPALE passer
Bai Ashura Kasim Hanok passed the May 2023 Certified Public Accountant Licensing Exam (CPALE). Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ Bai Ashura Kasim Hanok

Ashura’s lengthy post on Facebook inspired many netizens, as she shared how she felt humbled after failing the CPALE twice. After graduating in April 2019 from Notre Dame University, Cotabato City, she immediately took the exam in October. Fresh from the halls of her university, she was eager and confident to pass one of the most difficult exams in the country. However, fate had different plans for her. She failed and even failed again on her second try in 2022.

After failing twice, Ashura was already discouraged and began to believe that her dream of becoming a licensed public accountant was not for her. However, she was lucky that she had supportive parents. She said, “In my stage of life full of nothingness, my parents helped me. Ina, Ate Gina, my ever selfless mothers, very lowkey in social life yet so so so humble, they supported me to a great extent that my mental health improved again and again.”

So, for her third attempt, Ashura stated that her motivation to obtain her license had significantly changed. Instead of focusing solely on herself, she began to consider how she could use her profession to help others. She hopes to be able to teach her profession to future CPA aspirants.

Ashura shared in an interview with The Summit Express, “My failures and my work experience back then became a lesson that this profession of mine isn't just about recording, summarizing, and interpreting financial matters; but it will also help me in nurturing others,” she added.

Ashura hopes her story of determination will inspire others to continue working towards their dreams. She advises aspiring CPAs, “If you are still at the starting line, know that this course will never be different from other courses. It is tiring; it has too many battles you need to fight for and you will shed a lot of tears for all the sacrifices you need, but know that in every storm comes a calm... and a rainbow. Kayang kaya niyo iyan, ang dami na ring sumabak and kita niyo naman, ang dami na ring naging CPA. Trust yourself, be disciplined, and be brave.”

Ashura also shared a few review tips. First, she advised making use of every resource and using it to your advantage. Praying and being grateful is also very important. Next, she said, “Study-wise, to the future takers, don't submerge yourself in a lot of books, reviewers, and notes.” Instead, she advised, “Sabi nga nila, less is more.”

As they say, success is always sweeter when the lessons learned are much harder. Ashura was among the 2,239 passers out of the total 7,376 examinees in the May 2023 CPALE announced by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) on May 31.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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