Newly-licensed MD offers success to late sister: ‘Hope you're proud of me from heaven’

MANILA, Philippines – A newly-licensed physician offered his success to his late sister, who passed away in 2016.

In a heartfelt post on Twitter, Estevez Evangelista tugged at the hearts of many netizens when he shared the story and inspiration of why he wanted to become a doctor. According to Estevez, he had a sister who suffered from cerebral palsy. She passed away when Estevez was in 2nd year of medical school. She was his “first patient” and motivated him to take up medicine.

Newly-licensed MD offers success to late sister
Newly-licensed doctor offers his success to his sister who died due to cerebral palsy | Photo Courtesy: Instagram and Twitter/ Estevez Evangelista

In his post on Twitter way back in 2016, he shared a photo of them with the caption, “To my very first patient, long before I knew what that stethoscope is used for. I love you so much.”

“She had cerebral palsy, the quadriplegic type. We shared the same birthday, just one year apart so I really held her very close to my heart. She died in 2016, she was 20y/o back then and I was in 2nd year med school,” he shared on Philstar.

Finally, Estevez passed the October 2022 Physician Licensure Examination and he offered his success to none other than his beloved sister. He reposted his 2016 post with an update and a sweet message for her. He wrote, “UPDATE: Licensed MD na si kuya! Hope you’re proud of me from heaven. Love u.”

"I dedicated everything to her. She was the reason why I wanted to become a doctor in the first place. At a very young age, I already knew I wanted to go to med school and that’s all because of her,” Estevez shared.

Netizens couldn’t get enough of the heartwarming and emotional story. A netizen commented, “Congrats Doc! I’m pretty sure she is very proud of you. I lost a younger brother with Cerebral Palsy when I was in 5th grade. Seeing this tweet warms my heart at how our circumstances are not so different. I am also currently working on a promise I made to him & to make him proud.”

According to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), a total of 3,826 passed the October PLE out of 5,958 examinees.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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