Motorbanca trips to Panglao's Virgin island suspended following viral 'overpriced' food

MANILA, Philippines – Bohol Governor Aris Aumentado announced the temporary suspension of 'motorbanca' trips going to Panglao's Virgin Island on Tuesday, August 2. The move came after a viral post showing the ''overpriced' charging of seafood in the island circulated on social media.

A netizen complained of the P26,000 bill they had while in Panglao's Virgin Island
A netizen complained of the P26,000 bill they had while in Panglao's Virgin Island | Photo Courtesy: Vilma Uy

A social media post of a netizen named Vilma Uy on Monday, August 1, showing a bill they got for ordering seafood while in Panglao's Virgin Island went viral. For their group's order, their sum total went as high as P26,100. She lamented how they were left with no choice but to pay even though she felt the prices were too much.

Many netizens agreed that the prices were indeed too expensive and it was clear that they were being overcharged. Many also shared their fair share of experiences in Panglao where they had no choice but to pay exorbitant prices of food.

In a post on Facebook, Governor Aumentado announced the suspension order in connection to the ongoing investigation made by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Region 7 on the incident.

The governor expressed his 'alarm' over the situation and has called for an emergency meeting for the provincial government, DENR, the local government of Panglao, and the tourism sector to discuss the issue.

Meanwhile, Panglao Bohol Mayor Edgardo Arcay assured that he will personally visit the Virgin Island to probe the recent allegations of overpricing.

Mayor Arcay said they will investigate the matter. He said, "It could be a black propaganda to harm our administration. It could also be true. That's why I want to know what is true."

"We don't even know how many they have in total. How much food they ordered and the other data. That's why it's better for me to go there so I will know the truth," he added.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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