Senior HS valedictorian goes viral for bagging 60 awards, 24 medals and 30 ribbons

MANILA, Philippines – A senior high school graduate has impressed many netizens as she shows off her ‘biggest flex.’ She proudly shared her awards to inspire other students to work hard.

Meckia Mari Villanueva graduated as the batch valedictorian with 60 certificates
Meckia Mari Villanueva graduated as the batch valedictorian with 60 certificates, 24 medals, and 30 ribbons | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ Meckia Mari Villanueva

Meckia Mari Villanueva impressed many netizens as she received 60 certificates, 24 medals, and 30 ribbons on her graduation day. Her TikTok video showing her on stage receiving her recognitions and awards has become viral with over 5 million views since posting.

Meckia is the valedictorian of Batch 2022 of Sto. Nino Academy, Incorporated Bocaue, Bulacan. She used to be a STEM student and will soon be taking Medical Biology at the University of Sto. Tomas.

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With her success going viral online, Meckia said she hopes her achievement will serve a bigger purpose: inspiring others. “Thank you so much, and I hope this inspires you," she said.

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Posted by Meckia Mari Villanueva on Friday, May 20, 2022

And it looks like Meckia did a good job inspiring others. Netizens, especially many students, took Meckia’s achievement as a motivation to do better. A netizen wrote, “Aiming this positive energy!! Grabe na 'to dagdag inspiration na naman para mag sipag ako sa pag-aaral kaya sobrang thank you po!”

Meckia replied, “I’m really happy to read comments like this!! Goodluck siz.”

She also gave another piece of advice to her fellow college freshie. She said it’s best to be prepared. Meckia wrote, “It is always better that motivation comes from within. goodluck!! college is a whole diff battle may you equip yourself as early as today.”

In her valedictorian speech, Meckia shared how she achieved such success. “Looking at these medals awhile ago made me tear up for as I ask myself, ‘Do I really deserve these?’ I never imagined myself achieving this much,” Meckia said.

Meckia admitted that her journey wasn’t easy as her strength as a leader and achiever has been tested many times. She said, “I felt so helpless. I felt so alone. But thank you to all the people who didn’t let that lonely feeling last for a long time.”

At the end of her speech, Meckia thanked her school’s officials, teachers, friends, and family, who made her journey all worth it.

posting my speech too, cause why not?

Posted by Meckia Mari Villanueva on Friday, May 20, 2022

— Sally, The Summit Express

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