Anthony Taberna's daughter Zoey now cancer-free

MANILA, Philippines – Anthony Taberna reveals the good news that his 13-year-old daughter Zoey is now cancer-free.

On Facebook, the news anchor shared that they were in Singapore for more than 5 months for the treatment of Zoey. She was diagnosed with leukemia in December 2019. The couple opened up to the public about their daughter's health condition in 2020.

Anthony Taberna's daughter Zoey now cancer-free
Anthony Taberna's daughter Zoey survives cancer with her sister as transplant donor.

The emotional father admitted that he was filled with worry that it might be the end for his daughter. He said during the difficult times, the family held onto their faith. Until finally, God granted them a miracle and healed Zoey from cancer.

He wrote, "Magaling na si Zoey, kasama namin siya na umuwi. Malakas at buhay na buhay ang pag-asa. Narito ang kuwento niya."

The young cancer survivor also shared her journey on her Facebook page. Zoey recalled that she's been undergoing chemotherapy since 2019. But in December 2021, doctors told them that the cancer cells returned and are now more dangerous and fatal.

"I had a hard time understanding why this was happening because from the start, my doctors said that this situation was very rare,” Zoey said.

The doctors recommended they go to Singapore for better medical care. Zoey recalled her fears because she was told she would lose her hair and experience mouth sores and headaches. Despite being in pain, Zoey said she endured it all for her family.

She said, "I experienced things that, looking back now, even I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle."

To survive, Zoey needed a bone marrow transplant and the family got tested. Her only sister Helga, 12 years old, was her match. While she was thankful for her sister, she felt guilty that she had to undergo those procedures for her.

"I felt like I deprived her from being with the people she wants to be with and going to places she wants to go to because she was stuck with me. So I'm more than grateful that she did this and sacrificed for me," she said.

Finally, all their sacrifices paid off and Zoey is now on her way to recovery. There were many times she really thought that she would die. "I’m not gonna lie, there were so many times that I thought that it was the end for me, that my life would end at 13 years old," Zoey said.

After the long journey, Zoey was so glad to announce that she's now cancer-free and back home. She said, "After 167 long days, we went back home to the Philippines and now I am totally cancer free!”

Zoey will still have to undergo regular check-ups and maintenance drug infusions but she's confident she can endure it all.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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