Marcos spokesperson denies lavish Amanpulo victory party

MANILA, Philippines – Atty. Vic Rodriguez, the spokesperson of presumptive president Ferdinand Marcos Jr., clarified rumors that Marcos and their team didn’t have a victory party at the exclusive Amanpulo resort in Palawan.

Marcos spokesperson denies lavish Amanpulo victory party

Rodriguez denied claims that a lavish victory party at the exclusive island was set for Marcos. Earlier, social media was abuzz over reports that Marcos and the rest of his party, the UniTeam booked the entire Amanpulo to celebrate their recent success in the 2022 elections.

The original post has already been deleted after causing a stir, but the post goes, “BBM has booked the whole island of Amanpulo for his victory party. The days of Imeldific yore and opulence is back.”

The Marcos spokesman took the rumors lightly and said their staff prepared for the supposed victory party when it was all fake.

He said, “Ako personally unfair kasi pagdating ko kanina dito sa aming tanggapan, ‘yung mga staff namin eh nakagayak ng pangdagat, pangbeach at sinisingil ako na may sorpresa daw pala kami at hindi sila nakapaghanda but ready na sila kanina.”

Rodriguez denied the victory party even hinting that Marcos is frugal and thrifty like any other Ilocano. He added, “So kahit ako nagulat. Walang gano'n, walang gano'ng victory celebration and you know si president-elect Bongbong is an Ilocano.”

He said the post was clearly malicious and fake and no lavish surprise was prepared by their team. Rodriguez said, “Eh, not unless may sorpresa siyang gano'n para sa amin pero wala. Malayo ‘yun at ito’y gawa-gawa lang ng mga iresponsableng nagpo-post sa kanilang social media na ayan na naman malisyoso ‘yung pagpopost.”

In the end, Rodriguez urged the public to practice respect and prudence when posting online. He said we should be responsible for everything we say and post, especially if it affects other people. “Ang akin lang laging sinasabi, let’s be responsible for what we post, let’s be responsible for what we do," he said.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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