James Reid reacts to viral video of him kissing a guy

    MANILA, Philippines – James Reid has reacted to a video of him kissing a guy that has intrigued many netizens online.

    James Reid was equally “curious” about the viral video of him kissing a guy
    James Reid was equally “curious” about the viral video of him kissing a guy | Photo Courtesy: Facebook: Jame Reid - Reiders

    Recently, social media was abuzz when the actor was spotted in a video showing affection to a guy. In the video, James can be seen next to a guy as his friends sing him a “Happy Birthday” song. In the end, James leaned toward the guy as they had a quick hug and a kiss on the cheeks. The incident earned a few surprised laughter from their friends.

    As the video circulated, many started speculating on the sexuality of the actor. His last known girlfriend was Nadine Lustre. But recently, the actor’s dating rumors have been fueled after he has been spotted with Nancy McDonnie of Momoland.

    James surprised everyone when he made a witty reaction to the viral video about him. The actor clearly was unbothered as he commented on a TikTok video about it saying, “Is true?”

    From LA to Manila. ✈️ Happy Birthday, @james ! You deserve all the love and success you’re being showered with. I’ve never talked to you about this but in my 9 years of knowing you. I’ve always admired the fact that you have always lived and put your family first. (I’ve seen you do it in so many instances). Stay humble, grounded, and kind. Happy to have spent your birthday with you this year. ✨ ©️ ashleysochan ETA: We’re so amused that you’re happy for James’ “new relationship” 😂. Sadly no, this is James Reid and James Thomas birthday celebrations at Careless Complex. James Thomas is James’ business partner. Together with Jeffrey Oh, their the BIG J’s of Brooklyn Industries Group, with multiple ventures in music (Careless Music), video/TV ads productions (The Finest), food and beverage business (Notorious Concepts) and farming (The Freshest and HydroHub). James Thomas’ girlfriend was present during the party too, so don’t get too excited for James Reid yet. 😅 Happy 29th Birthday, James #JamesReid | James Reid

    Posted by James Reid - REIDers on Tuesday, May 10, 2022

    According to the Facebook page James Reid - Reider, which claims to be the official fan page of the actor, James is simply “amused.” The guy in the “kissing video” was James Thomas, the actor’s close friend and business partner.

    The post stated, “James is very much amused by the reactions, we’re happy that you’re happy for his “new relationship” but sadly no, #JaJa is not true. 😂 James Reid and James Thomas have been very good friends for a while now, he is also his business partner at Brooklyn Industries Group, Pop Up Katipunan and Notorious Concepts.”

    — Sally, The Summit Express

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