Anji Salvacion named 'PBB Kumunity' Big Winner

MANILA, Philippines – Anji Salvacion was proclaimed the Big Winner of 'Pinoy Big Brother' (PBB) Kumunity Season 10 at the Big Night held Sunday, May 29, 2022.

Congratulations, Anji! PBB Kumunity Season 10 Big Winner.
Congratulations, Anji! PBB Kumunity Season 10 Big Winner.

The season revolved around three batches of housemates representing three different Kumunities: the celebrities, the adults and teens.

The 19-year-old celebrity housemate who was dubbed "Singing Sweetheart ng Siargao" garnered 40.42 percent of Kumu votes.

Anji will take home Php 2 million cash prize.

Meanwhile, the "Bubbly Boss Lady ng Leyte" Isabel Laohoo from Adult Kumunity finished in second place after receiving 18.20 percent of the total number of votes. She will receive P500,000 in cash.

The "Bread-Queen-Er ng Palawan" Samantha Bernardo, also from the celebrity Kumunity, placed third with 16.28 percent of votes, while “Traveling Wonder Lad ng Laguna” Rob Blackburn placed fourth, with 4.01 percent of votes. They will receive Php 300,000 and Php 200,000, respectively.

Celebrity housemate Brenda Mage took the fifth spot with 1.19 percent of votes. He will go home with Php 100,000.

During the finale week, the Big 5 was announced instead of the traditional Big 4.

The Big 5 of PBB Kumunity Season 10
The Big Five of PBB Kumunity Season 10 answers juicy questions from previous Big Winners.

In their journey to the Big Night, Kuya gave 'Kumunitest' challenge to the Biga10 housemates to determine the Big 5. Samantha, Anji and Brenda took the first three slots after winning the tasks against the adult and teen housemates. Meanwhile, Rob and Isabel won the public votes, garnering 43.47-percent and 52.84-percent of the total votes, respectively, within their Kumunity.

PBB Kumunity Season 10 is the tenth main and sixteenth overall season of the Philippine reality television show, Pinoy Big Brother, which premiered on October 16, 2021.

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  1. The selection is flawed as one of the contests where team winner gets 75 pts was already played by the celebrity team. It favored them winning which gave all teal members a slot. This is UNFAIR. Kuya should not be inclined or favoring one. TERRIBLE!!!!

  2. It was an unfair competition. Why give a competition where one team was favored as they had this game already. IT’S completely FOUL. Kuya shown playing favorites. It sucks

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