PBB: Andrei King, Roque Coting, Thamara Alexandria up for eviction

MANILA, Philippines – Three housemates are in danger of being evicted from the “Pinoy Big Brother” (PBB) house after they were announced Sunday as the first batch of nominees in the reality show’s ongoing “Kumunity" Season 10 adult edition.

Andrei King, Roque Coting, Thamara Alexandria nominated
It's a double eviction this week! Andrei King, Roque Coting, Thamara Alexandria are nominated for elimination in the PBB Kumunity Adult edition.

As in previous editions, housemates get to assign 1 point and 2 points to fellow housemates they want to nominate for eviction. The tally determines the list of nominees per week.

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This week, which marks the first-ever nomination process for the edition, Thamara Alexandria got the most points with 10 from her fellow housemates.

PBB: Andrei King, Roque Coting, Thamara Alexandria up for eviction

Meanwhile, housemates Roque Coting Jr. and Andrei King from 'Online Bahay ni Kuya' contest on Kumu were automatically nominated after they failed to capture the 'boss' position in their weekly task. Kathleen Agir, also from Kumu contest, managed to get majority of votes for 'boss' position from the housemates.

UPDATE: Andrei King, Thamara Alexandria evicted from 'PBB'

Nathan Juane was also given immunity in the nomination process after winning the first Head of Household (HoH) challenge.

After the announcement of nominees, Andrei, Roque and Thamara were each given a chance to appeal to viewers to save them from eviction.

PBB further announced that two housemates will leave the house at the end of the week.

For most of the past 15 editions of “PBB,” viewers can vote which housemate they want to stay on inside the house. This season, however, sees the return of the power to vote to evict, aside from the usual vote to save.

Votes can be cast through SMS or through the live streaming app Kumu.

“PBB” airs new episodes nightly, and can be accessed via free and digital TV (A2Z Channel 11), cable (Kapamilya Channel), live streaming (Kapamilya Online Live, Kumu), and on-demand streaming (iWant TFC).

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