Albie Casiño calls Alexa Ilacad as 'napaka walang hiya' in PBB conflict

MANILA, Philippines – There seems to be a brewing conflict inside the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) house as Albie Casiño shared his dislike over Alexa Ilacad's personality.

On the November 2 episode of PBB Kumunity Season 10, celebrity housemates Albie and Alexa argued about which food supply to prioritize in their weekly budget. Albie also commented on the actress' alleged tendency to keep food items to herself.

Albie Casiño and Alexa Ilacad PBB conflict

In a heated discussion, Alexa wanted them to purchase the peanut butter that cost P255, in which Albie argued that the amount could already purchase them a kilo of chicken.

Albie continued to share his resentment towards Alexa to another housemate, Eian Rances. He complained that Alexa seems to act like she is above them all and orders them around.

The actor said, "Medyo ayoko kung paano siya umasta dito sa bahay. Hindi niya bahay ’to. Kailangan niyang alalahanin ‘yan.”

“Ano, porke’t matagal na siya sa industriya, ganiyan na siya umasta? Matagal na rin naman ako sa industriya, hindi naman ako ganiyan umasta,” he added.

Earlier in the episode, Eian also opened up about Alexa's attitude to housemates Daisy “Madam Inutz” Lopez and Brenda Mage. He noted how while he was still getting food from a bowl, Alexa took it and moved it towards her. Eian was left dumbfounded while still holding the serving spoon. He explained that Alexa seems to like to have no manners at all.

Albie also recalled how Alexa also pushed him aside as she claimed to own the "salabat" he was brewing. "Dude, ayoko siya kung paano siya umasta dito,” he said.

Eian advised Albie to be patient with Alexa to avoid further conflict. Albie and Alexa used to work together in the TV series “Init sa Magdamag." The actor recalled initially feeling relieved that he has a fellow actor in the reality show.

“Saka hassle pa kasi siya pa ’yung pinaka kilala ko dito. Happy pa ako noong una na makakasama ko siya. Tapos siya pa ’yung pinaka irita ako sa lahat,” he said.

Albie lamented how it's unfair that Alexa likes to hide food when all of them are also hungry. "'Yun talaga nagtatago ng food. Napaka walang hiya mo naman. Lahat tayo dito gutom," he described Alexa to housemates Kyle Echarri and TJ Valderrama.

For now, Alexa seems unaware of the growing dislike towards her. You can watch PBB new episodes daily via Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z Channel 11, iWantTFC, and TFC, with 24/7 livestreaming via Kumu.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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