Vietnamese man infects 8 people with COVID-19, gets 5-year sentence

A Vietnamese man convicted of “spreading dangerous infectious diseases” was sentenced to five years of imprisonment during a one-day trial at the People’s of the southern province of Ca Mau.

According to Vietnam News Agency, the 28-year-old man identified as Le Van Tri broke strict COVID-19 protocols and infected eight people. One of them died after a month of battling the coronavirus disease.
Vietnamese man infects 8 people with COVID-19

Based on the report, Tri spread the virus after travelling to his home province Ca Mau from Ho Chi Minh City, which is a COVID-19 hotspot in the country, in July.

Instead of finishing his 21-day home quarantine at Ca Mau, Tri breached this protocol. On July 7, he tested positive for COVID-19. He infected members of his family as well as staff of a welfare center he visited.

"Tri's breach of the home medical quarantine regulation led to many people becoming infected with Covid-19 and one person died on 7 August 2021,” the court report indicated.

Aside from Tri, the country has also sentenced two other people for breaching the country’s COVID-19 rules. A 32-year-old man from Hai Duong was sentenced to 18 months in jail last July, while a Vietnam Airlines flight attendant received a two-year suspended jail term last March for violating the COVID-19 rules in the country.

Known to have one of the world’s most successful records in combating coronavirus, Vietnam was praised for keeping case numbers low last year because of tight border restrictions, targeted mass testing, strict quarantine protocols and aggressive contact tracing.

However, the country is currently facing its most serious coronavirus outbreak now with 536,000 infections and 13,385 deaths. Majority of infections and deaths have been recorded since April this year.

For the past few months, Vietnam’s capital Hanoi and commercial hub Ho Chi Minh are on strict lockdown.

— Mini, The Summit Express

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