3 siblings ordained as priests at the same time in CDO

MANILA, Philippines – Three siblings from Cagayan de Oro City were ordained as priests at the same time.

On the Feast of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, September 8, the Avenido brothers were ordained to the priesthood.

3 siblings ordained as priests at the same time in CDO

Rev. Jestonie, Rev. Jessie James, and Rev. Jerson Rey Avenido were ordained by Archbishop Jose Cabantan at the San Agustin Metropolitan Cathedral in Cagayan de Oro City.

Their parents, Gallardo and Barbara Avenido stood proudly next to their three children during the ordination. Gallardo, a security guard and a farmer and Barbara, a babysitter have 7 children with only one daughter. The three newly-ordained priests are also encouraging their three male siblings to serve the church.

Father James, the eldest among the three revealed that while their decision to become priest was a product of their parents' prayers and sacrifices, they also willingly devoted themselves to it.

"We have chosen this vocation neither by chance or force but our own free will," the new priest said.

Before entering the vocation, the three brothers used to have different dream jobs. Fr. Jessie James used to dream of becoming an engineer or policeman. Fr. Jestoni wanted to become a teacher while Fr. Jerson aspired to become a doctor.

The three brothers' decision to offer their life to this vacation has impressed not just Archbishop Cabantan but the public as well. During the homily, Archbishop Cabantan shared how the brothers' story has caught the attention of the media. He revealed that it was his first time that he ordained three brothers at the same time.

3 siblings ordained as priests at the same time in CDO

"I think it has caught the attention of some media outlets for the first time to hear that there are three brothers who will receive the sacred ordination to the presbyterate,” Archbishop Cabantan said.

“In fact, this is also my first time to ordain three brothers to the priesthood,” he added.

Archbishop Cabantan said that it was a "gift from the Lord" as we celebrate 500 Years of Christianity.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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