Mahal's cause of death revealed by sister

MANILA, Philippines – Noemi Tesorero or fondly called "Mahal" in showbiz has passed away, her family announced on Tuesday.

The pint-sized comedienne has captivated the hearts of many Pinoy viewers since she began appearing on TV in the 1990s. Suffering from dwarfism, Mahal rose to fame for her infectious giggles, child-like voice and comedic antics.

Mahal's cause of death revealed by sister

As the limelight dimmed for Mahal through the years, she still made her way to the hearts of many Pinoys, either through her controversial love life or her recent vlogs. When the news of her passing was announced, many Filipinos mourned for Mahal.

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Mahal's cause of death had earlier been kept under wraps by the comedienne's stepmother Josefa Tesorero. She earlier refused to be interviewed and shared further details on the cause of death.

"Hindi muna ako tatanggap ng interview, please. Hindi pa namin kaya. Sorry,", she said.

However, Mahal's sister, Irene Tesorero, who is now based in the US confirmed that the actress died due to "gastro" (digestive complications) and COVID-19.

According to Irene, Mahal passed away at a hospital in Batangas, where she has been staying with her close friend Mygz Molino.

Following Mahal's passing, many had been sharing the episode of “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho where she reunited with her former loveteam Mura. At that time, Mahal traveled for days and even walked for over an hour just to reach Mura’s house, where they had a meal together.

Mahal gifted Mura with groceries and cash so he could buy a pig for livelihood. She also assured her friend, "Hanggang sa tumanda ako, uugod-ugod, syempre pupunta pa rin ako rito. ’Pag may racket, aalok kita, okay? Kapag halimbawa nawala ako sa mundo, mayroon akong konting naitulong sa ’yo."

— Sally, The Summit Express


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