Dedicated SPED teacher spends P20,000 of his own money for classroom makeover

MANILA, Philippines – A Special Education teacher is earning praise online for his dedication and service.
classroom makeover teacher

classroom makeover teacher
Teacher Cyrell Jones didn't hesitate to spend P20,000 to renovate his classroom | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Cyrell Jones

Cyrell Jones Sidlao is a Special Education teacher from Buyos Elementary School, Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte. He helps students with learning disabilities such as remembering and concentrating. "They are the learners who don't remember the lessons everyday, so we do lesson recap everyday," the teacher explained.

As a SPED teacher, he knows how important it is for students be in a comfortable classroom. He said that having a cluttered room tends to easily distract his students and hinders them from learning more.

While the country continues to face the pandemic, teacher Cyrell decided to prepare his classroom when face-to-face classes resume. He decided to do a classroom makeover with the small storage room that was assigned for him and his students.

classroom makeover teacher
Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Cyrell Jones

"Kapag bumalik na po tayo sa face-to-face classes, gusto ko po yung classroom ko ready na. Given na yung mga students ko with learning disabilities, sila yung mga learners na madali silang nadi-distract. So, ayun nagrenovate ako," the teacher revealed.

Teacher Cyrell painted the wall white and added neutral themes.

classroom makeover teacher
Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Cyrell Jones

Teacher Cyrell didn't hesitate to spend P20,000 from his own pockets to give his students a comfortable place for learning.

According to Teacher Cyrell, being a SPED teacher is both challenging and fulfilling. He shared that while regular teachers take one day to explain a certain topic, SPED teachers have to go back and forth for days, sometimes a week, on a particular lesson.

"It's really quite challenging, but the good thing is when they learn the lesson, it's also very fulfilling," Teacher Cyrell admitted.

The dedicated teacher revealed that when you are a SPED teacher, you couldn't help but do something to help your students. "You will really make a way to help your learners feel comfortable. Gusto ko pagpasok nila excited and hindi sila madaling madi-distract," he said.

Teacher Cyrell didn't mind spending his own money as he shared that if you love your job and your learners, you will be inspired to do more.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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