Shopee extends help to Lola who accidentally burned her P14K life savings

MANILA, Philippines – Lola Honorata Gahis, a 95-year-old woman from Nueva Ecija, recently went viral for accidentally burning her life savings worth P14,000 as she was cooking rice. Shopee partnered with several brands on Shopee Mall to provide kitchen appliances for Lola Honorata to help her cook her daily meals safely despite losing her savings.

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Kyowa gave Lola Honorata a rice cooker and electric water pot, Tough Mama provided a gas stove and a box fan, while Tekno Philippines provided her with a table oven and gas stove to ensure she has all her essential cooking tools. Upon receiving these, Lola Honorata and her granddaughter, Sarahlie, expressed their gratitude for the kind gesture.

Shopee extends help to Lola who accidentally burned her P14K life savings

Martin Yu, Director of Shopee Philippines, said, “For a lot of our loyal shoppers, Shopee is where they get the things they need the most, and for Lola Honorata, we took that one step further by seeking her out and helping where we could. We would like to thank Kyowa, Tough Mama, and Tekno for their generosity and for supporting Shopee's mission as we reach out to Lola Honorata.”

Sarahlie, who posted the unfortunate incident on social media revealed that they already asked Gahis to leave the cooking to them. However, the elderly woman insisted on doing things on her own since she loves cooking and doing household chores.

— The Summit Express

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